Blogging on the trail is challenging

Ok – Hello friends and family!  Thanks for sticking around even though I haven’t added anything new in quite some time.  A realization I’ve had:  Blogging from the trail is tough.  I hate to admit this truth to myself.  I’d rather not tell myself that I’m going to be catching up in the near future because that would be a lie.  Blogging from the iPhone – not gonna happen.  Since I am not carrying an iPad or similar tablet, this limits me to computer blogging.  Computer/internet cafes are not very common on the PCT so that means my ability to write on my blog is limited.  This coupled with the fact that I would need to write about weeks of trail time in a single afternoon just makes it nearly impossible to keep things current.  While I would love to provide you with exciting stories and funny anecdotes from the trail, I can’t use my limited free-time glued to the computer screen.

Here is my plan.  On the right hand margin of the blog you will see a Twitter feed as well as an Instagram feed.  I will continue posting photos to Instagram because it is easy and not time consuming.  I will start posting my mileage via Twitter so that you can see where I have made it to.  This is the best I can do for now.

The past couple weeks have been chock full of excitement.  Beautiful mountains, scorching desert, friendly thru-hikers and over indulgence in meals are some of the moments that have punctuated a priceless experience.  I am currently in Acton, California, at Hiker Heaven (one of the trail angel houses).  We have hot weather on the horizon and some substantial stretches of desert (the Mojave) to cross before we ascend into the beginning of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  We hikers are excited with our progress and the high alpine lakes on the horizon are driving us forward and keeping our legs fresh.

One other bit of excitement – I received a very thoughtful PayPal donation from an international follower – THANK YOU.  Every little bit helps and even encouragement makes me feel rich.

4 thoughts on “Blogging on the trail is challenging

  1. Kiwi

    Can I ask why you’re not blogging on an Iphone? I’m not doing the PCT this year, but the Camino de Santiago, and I really want to keep up my blog while I am gone. I also don’t have an Ipad or tablet, but I really don’t want to carry my laptop – so the only other option I have is the Iphone. I tried one post with it [ ] but I’m not sold on it yet. I am really debating whether to take my laptop vs Iphone, so I’m curious as to why you don’t use an Iphone for blogging while on the move like this?

    1. Matt Post author

      I suppose it could work – but then you need to be able to charge your phone, probably daily (solar panel $ and extra weight). Also, it’s more about the lack of a keyboard and the amount of time I feel it would take me to craft a well written and creative piece typing with the miniature iPhone on screen keyboard. I am also not a big fan of the wordpress app which makes layout tricky to manipulate on the iPhone.

      1. Kiwi

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also think that if I blogged from the I phone, that I would for sure be decreasing my average word count on each post for those reasons as well – No keyboard, wordpress app. I am debating with myself whether to try the Iphone though, and perhaps make more full length posts about the experience when I come back after my trip – but I would prefer to do it at the time, because even to the best of our abilities to remember, memories and small details fade.

      2. Matt Post author

        I completely agree with you. Two things to consider – a Bluetooth keyboard might be an option. There are some collapsible/compact models that might be compatible with iPhones. Also, if you have Siri you might be able to dictate your entry? Siri seems to work pretty well. I ended up getting a digital voice recorder which is lighter then a paper journal and allows me to dictate journal entries to go back to later and put in my blog.

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