…still touring Cali

Today I said good bye to my Aunt and Uncle who I have been staying with for the past three days in Gilroy, California. I had a wonderful visit.

The older we get, the more our relationships with relatives can evolve. I have always felt a strong connection with my Aunt and Uncle. They exude kindness and love for their family and having this time with them to talk about life, love, careers, and traveling has made me feel even closer with them. Their love for each other is evident every day. They just recently celebrated their fourty-fifth anniversary, a milestone for which their relationship has remained strong.  I am so proud of everything they have achieved together in love and life and I aspire to find the happiness that they share with one another.

After leaving Gilroy, I drove north to San Francisco where I will be for the next five days. I am visiting my friend Kristin and her mom Kathy as well as my friend Kate – all people I grew up with back in Connecticut.  It’s so nice to spend some time with friends before setting out on my hike which is days away…holy hell.

Our main goal is to get Kristin moved into her new apartment.  Luckily I have the forester for us to move large items. Going to keep this post short for now – will write something a bit more interesting in a few days.


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