Comprehensive PCT gear list

The following is a comprehensive list of all gear coming with me on my PCT thru-hike.  Weights included.  Item subject to change! Enjoy.

Big 3+

  • Rab Neutrino 600 sleeping bag – 34oz
  • Black Diamond BetaLite tarp tent – 21oz
  • MSR groundhog stakes (7) – 4.5oz
  • Exped SynMat UL 7 Small – 14oz
  • Gregory Z55 pack (straps cut down) 47oz

Total weight 120.5oz/


Clothing layers

  • North Face RDT lightweight rain shell – 12.5oz
  • Montbell ClimaAir Fleece – 12.5oz
  • Montbell ClimaPlus wind vest 6.25oz
  • Patagonia lightweight wool t – 4.75oz
  • Patagonia Strider shorts – 3.5oz
  • Montbell Ex. weight wool pants – 6oz
  • Pearl Izumi Elite thermal arm warmers – 2.75oz
  • Pearl Izumi Shine wind mitt/glove – 3oz
  • Mammut buff – 1.5oz
  • Sea to Summit bug headnet – 1oz

Total weight – 56.5oz/3.53lbs



  • Evernew Titanium .6L pot – 5oz
  • Sea to Summit long-handled spoon – .5oz
  • MSR MicroRocket stove – 2.75oz
  • MSR titanium mug – 2oz
  • Sawyer Mini filter – 4.5oz
  • CRKT Peck (knife) – 1oz
  • 3L Camelbak bladder – 7.25oz
  • 2 x Disposable 2L water bottles – weight currently unknown

Total weight – 23oz/1.44lbs


Random Items

  • McMurdo Fast Find PLB – 5.5oz
  • First Aid kit – 5.75oz
  • GoPro Hero3+ and accessories – 10oz
  • Black Diamond Icon headlamp – 8.25oz
  • Peppers Sunset Blvd polarized glasses – 1oz

    Total weight – 30.5oz/1.9lbs


Total weight of all items – 228.5oz/14.28


*other items are yet to be weighed and added i.e. cell phone/charger, additional camera, hat, sunglasses, etc.









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