About to hit the road

Spending the holidays in Los Angeles with my family was a really nice change of pace from Colorado. 80 degree weather on Christmas Day is still strange, but I have to admit, it got me pretty excited for my upcoming hike. For now though I’ll be happy to experience winter for what it has always been for me, cold and snowy.
Matt in suby

After returning to Colorado I have gotten right back into work mode, finishing up a project I have been working on for the past six months. It certainly was a good opportunity but didn’t end up being as successful as I anticipated. I’m just glad to be done. The best advice I can take away from this experience is: give serious thought to any commitments you make, don’t pass up good opportunities but also recognize when those opportunities have run their course – let go of things that do not contribute positively to your life.

I am two days away from leaving for Ouray Colorado for some ice climbing and hot springs. Staying focused on cleaning and moving tasks is fairly easy given how soon I will be on the road to a new adventure. Reflecting on the past 6 months of my life, I am satisfied with the decisions I have made and the direction I am headed, but the unknown still exists. It’s slightly uncertain if all my plans will work out, but that uncertainty is a challenge to forge ahead and take proactive steps to make my dreams a reality.

View from backcountryEight inches of snow in town has me ready and eager to hit the road. Look for videos soon! Until next time friends, stay warm and never lose your appetite for adventure.

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